Yuil M-11-1 Korean (GOOD) Hinged Handcuffs With Anti-shim & NIJ Certified

Welcome to a new handcuff video on Yuil M-11-1 These handcuffs are very good, although not without an issue I have found...

These have shim protection that makes them more secure when single locked, they are hinged which provides a greater degree of control over a violent subject and they take a non-standard key*.

The downside is that I believe quality control is lower in this brand of handcuffs. I believe that the silicone lined models that are NOT light-weight aluminum models will be perfectly fine. But these older models and light-weight models tend to work sometimes with standard keys, which is frustrating. Their leg irons do it, the previous Yuil hinged model I reviewed (and threw away in a few months later) also had that problem. So, they are more secure than regular standard handcuffs but if the quality control was higher, they would be perfect and high security by requiring their special double bitted key.

Yuil, if you make a handcuff that uses a non-standard handcuff key then please make sure it ONLY works with that non-standard handcuff key, else you are not providing any extra security with that key, you would be providing 'security theatre' As Bruce Schneier describes it. Please fix this issue, this is not the first time I have seen this happen.

All in all, good, higher than usual security handcuffs. I just wish Yuil would put more care into their work these days. I would still recommend them though.

Thanks for watching.

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