USA Police & Prison ~ Peerless 850C Red Hinged Handcuffs NIJ Certified

These are all American Peerless model 850C hinged handcuffs in red colour or color if you're from the US :).

Typically coloured handcuffs such as these are less used by police, although do get used from time to time, but usually a prison or court will colour code the clothing issued to prisoners with the handcuffs and everything else (shoes etc), so if someone dressed in all red tries to leave the building, for example, then everyone knows to apprehend them immediately.

These are really high quality handcuffs, I have to say. The tolerances are really low and everything fits just perfectly. The hinge connector design provides a slightly higher degree of movement rather than a more constricted design. Although they are a similar wrist size capacity as TCH/HIATT Superior size, such that the UK Police use.

One thing to note, these are NIJ certified for legitimate law enforcement use but do not secure a prisoner to an immovable object by one wrist cuffed and one attached to the object. This hinge design can be snapped if a strong prisoner puts their full force and strength into snapping them. This is ONLY possible because of the excessive force that can be applied without crippling pain. If both wrists are cuffed with these handcuffs, the force the person can apply is really low and would end up snapping their wrists, orders of magnitudes before they would ever break the hinge. Here is a video of someone breaking a pair of Peerless:

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