USA Police - ASP Hinged Handcuffs Model 200 NIJ Certified So smooth operation!

These are the ASP model 200 hinged handcuffs. An NIJ certified handcuff for law enforcement. They have exceptionally smooth operation, not a hint of stuttering or harshness just perfect.

You can double lock the same way you would a smith and wesson pair, using the window, but also you can double lock using the key as I show you in the video. They are very sturdy cuffs although a little lighter than I first imagined they would be.  The locking mechanism can be removed and replaced (if you can acquire more... I cannot in the UK) or removed for easy cleaning and maintenance. These are designed to be shim resistant and I would guess they are somewhat pick resistant due to the design but I have not tested either.

Now comes the down side. The locking unit has plastic parts internally. The double lock window and indeed the entire double locking mechanism is plastic. To engage the double lock the key needs to interact with plastic, to disengage the double lock the key also needs to interact with plastic. About the only part I presume is metal is the pawl spring and the pawl it's self, meaning the key will touch metal to perform a normal single lock unlock. What does this mean? It means that over time (or no time as I will come to..) it is possible that the plastic areas can wear out at which point you will be left with either the inability to double lock the cuffs via using the key turn method, the cuffs will be permanently stuck in the double lock position due to the plastic being worn where the key needs to travel to unset the double lock, or a combination of both issues. However a prominent member of the open organisation of lockpickers has said he has never heard ASP cuffs having a weakpoint in the key area. So below is my freak small percentage case where you get something that is not working from the start:

Over all, the feel and function of these handcuffs are extremely nice, everything is smooth, no rough or sharp edges, just perfect.

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