ALCYON 5050-B NIJ Certified Handcuffs Overview

These are my ALCYON 5050-B handcuffs. They have a very smooth ratcheting motion, it cycles through easily when placing them on the wrist. They have heft and can tell these are high quality. 
They are NIJ certified for governmental usages. Sold internationally to governments and security services all over the place.
2 pawl bars makes this slightly less secure from picking than the TCH 800 series, because they only need disengage 2 instead of 3 but this is not a big malady at all, especially considering the key turns differently than expected and further, making it more difficult to get succeed.
These are louder when ratcheting than the TCH 800, but there is less jingle jangle when moving them around, due to the coating than nickel plated ones like my TCH 800. 
I threw out my Viper handcuffs because I want good brand versions with 1 pawl bar so I then will have 1, 2 and 3 pawl bar cuffs. Can you recommend me some available domestically inside the UK from on-line vendor? Also if you have found items good for picking and shimming please leave a comment to me. Subscribe! 
Thanks ;-)
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