TCH 800 handcuffs overview (Same brand as UK police) NIJ Certified Police Supplies

This is a little look at the TCH 800 handcuffs. Standard size, nickel plated version. These feel very solid and high quality and they work well. One point to notice is that the chain connection on these handcuffs makes the handcuffs closer together than the Viper. This provides more security and more difficulty to open them from behind your back. Although, following the tips in the previous video, that can help you to get the key into the keyhole.
These are made by TCH, the same brand that supplies the UK police force with their rigid models. So expect the same good quality.
Mine came completely void of any lubrication, which was good since I could use graphite powder immediately since there was no oil or anything in there. So you may want to get some 3-in-one oil or graphite powder to lubricate everything. Handcuff maintenance is important. Good cuffs aren't cheap, so look after them with some oil or dry lubricant.
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